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I came not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” ( Luke 5:32 )

FRTC Organizational Profile 

My name is Harmon D. Yalartai and I am Pastor / Founder of the Faith Revival Temple Church ( FRTC ), located at 2 Elizabeth Street, West Haven, CT. 06516. FRTC was established in November 1990. I was on my third visit here in America for the development of the Revival Temple Church in Liberia; the mission was succeeding - I had found help and equipment to take back. The war heightened; every thing fell apart! While I was ministering to churches here, the Lord laid it on my heart to start a ministry - and that was in an answer to the many prayers the brothers / sisters in Liberia and I had prayed years earlier. Therefore against all odds, simply in obedience and faith to the Lord, this church came into being.

I began to come to the Lord in 1977 and came fully in 1980. I was not only saved at that time but also knew and practiced a life worthy of our ( my ) calling under the late Rev. Joseph C. Davis, God of Mercy Church. My friends and I carried on a joint ministry until 1983 when the Revival Temple Church was founded in Liberia, West Africa. Revival Temple Churches, Liberia, West Africa comprise of five churches and four preaching points.

The work of the ministry has been a great challenge, even with trials and tribulations, but the Lord has been faithful! With the help of my minister friends, Brother Chris Wickey / his wife Anna, others, and Pastor Todd of Church on the Rock, I have been ministering to the needs of the pastors and minister of the Revival Temple Church. For many years, we have sent a monthly stipend between $300 - $600 monthly excluding other funds and needs. We also purchased lands and constructed church buildings. There are 6 Revival Temple Churches and 3 preaching points in Liberia. Forgive me for other names not mentioned ( Herb McGraw, Pastors Dave Mitchell, the late Morton Hempel, and others ).

Annual Convention of the Revival Temple Church, Liberia

Humanitarian Relief in Liberia - is an on going effort.

The leadership of the organization is comprised of Pastor, Administrative Board and Ministry Board. Members participate in all aspects of ministry. Financial statements are available to members on a quarterly basis. Faith Revival Temple Church is a non profit organization with a 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) status.
I am married, a family man with 5 kids: three on their own and two at home. I love the Lord, am a student of the Word and a man of prayer and a College graduate ( BTH, BSC ).

Copy of most recent Convention / Mission is available.

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